INR/CNY currency movements – The long view

19 Oct 2015


There’s always been interest in how the world’s 2 largest emerging economies – India and China – are faring, both in absolute terms and relative to each other. One simple measure is exhange rate movements.


The Bank of England publishes daily spot prices of all the world’s currencies against each of the 3 major reserve currencies, the US Dollar, Sterling and the Euro.

R provides the means to download these data directly from the Bank’s website and process them further. This report is produced in RMarkdown with R code using the packages ‘GGplot2’ and ‘gridExtra’

It extracts daily spot prices of the Indian Rupee and the Chinese RMB against Sterling and the US Dollar from 1st Jan 2006 to the latest date and presents the data as 4 time series plots.


On 16 Oct 2015 the Indian Rupee traded at 64.7 to the US dollar, and 99.93 to the GB Pound

On 16 Oct 2015 the Chinese Yuan traded at 6.35 to the US dollar, and 9.81 to the GB Pound.

The chart


Note: this note and the accompanying chart are an example of how RStudio’s knitr package is used to produce ready to publish reports straight from R code without the need for cut and paste.

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